Students Help

Generally your first car… not brand new! You may feel you would like to do it up, spend money on it! Research what you want, how much you think you could afford on cleaning it up, then come in for a quote.Although, you may feel your vehicle is worth the cost – we can offer a genuine recommendation or point of view, whether or not you will receive value for money! Most are fortunate to have family or friends that offer advise &/or guidance on vehicle ownership.

This may include:

  • Buying a car.
  • Where to look, what to look for, does it need work done to it.
  • I can do repairs & painting myself.
  • Value for money.
  • Vehicle registration procedures – including:-
  • Registration papers – ownership signed over to you.
    • Stamp duty on purchase.
    • Pink slip OR blue slip.
    • Greenslip (Third party Insurance – with registration).
    • Comprehensive Insurance & or third party property
  • What can I afford, & what expenses may occur
  • How to avoid buying a lemon
  • Do I need insurance, if so…..what kind do I need
  • Shop around for Insurance deals, that suit your requirements
  • Ask parents if they have policies, & if so, are there special offers

Seek advice from Professionals
T&C Smash Repairs DO NOT administer advice for the above information,

However, we have included a link to the MTA (Motors Traders Association) web page, advising consumers on purchasing products & procedures. MTA Motor Traders Association

IF YOU HAVE A CLAIM – SIMPLY NOMINATE t & c smash repairs as your PREFERRED REPAIRER! It’s that simple!