Spray Painting

BEST PAINT PRACTICE – and environmentally aware with the lastest spray painting booth. Top quality paint job, less emissions and toxins and no mess.

The use of water-based paint has been one such example that has dramatically reduced the cost of refinishing cars and the impact on the environment by reducing quantities required and eliminating the toxicity of the products used.

(Photos of the paint booth and the paint tins etc)

  • Our Smash repair section is supported by vehicle spray painting or refinishing product by DeBeers.
  • DeBeers refinishing product maintains up to date paint support, by producing approx 100 new international vehicle colour product codes – every week
  • To most: – white is white……….yellow is yellow………..WRONG!
  • Colour matching correctly, provides a finished product – where you wouldn’t know there had been repairs to a damaged area
  • Our vehicle painters pay particular attention to paint preparation.
  • If preparation fails to meet requirements…………..completion of vehicle paint quality – is compromised.