Car Insurance Claims

If you are unfortunate to be in an accident, you need to be aware of what your legal obligations are.
You can find these details available on the RTA website Road User Handbook.

If you require towing, be aware of legal standards towing operators must maintain.
You can find these details available on the RTA website. RTA website Road User Handbook

Be aware of your Policy Provider &/or Insurance Company.

Also, be aware of your policy product disclosure statement, & what your rights are available to you & what their procedures are.

You are entitled to choose & nominate any repairer, (even if an opposing company is towing your vehicle).

T&C Smash Repairs offer a 24 hour network towing service.

Examples of details you may require are:-

  • Registration of vehicles involved
  • Driver details of other parties, & perhaps witness
  • Report incident number, if police have attended
  • If able, to write down your view of incident

If you find yourself unsure on whether to make a claim, simply drop in & see the team at t & c smash repairs.

We offer to provide a genuine appraisal of damaged that has occurred.

If you need to make a claim on damage to your vehicle; phone your
Policy Provider/Insurance Company, make your claim, supply required information
& simply nominate t & c smash repairs as your preferred repairer.

Once you have made a claim, call t & c smash repairs with these details.
We will then endeavour to continue on your behalf on completing assessment requirements.

T&C Smash Repairs try to consider their customers needs. We offer to be considerate to
your schedule & how we can be of service to you.

On pending authority, we will contact you with details & make every effort to book repairs,
suitable to you & your vehicle availability.